Thursday, November 20, 2008

Update: Unholy Alliance V

Project status: In Deployment
Current version: Beta0.28
Game genre: RPG

Download: Here

  • Slightly reworked on Death Traps, each trap now detonates only one trap, so they can get chained up more easily and deals more damage with the damage transfer.
  • Added a Orb of Fire. (Try it!)
  • Fixed tower defense bug, should be working fine now.
  • Fixed typos. (Thanks Anopob)
  • Auto-select the Hero Spirit when hero died. (Thanks Anopob)


Saiyuki said...

X <<- things i does not have in mind while writing ;-)

# Succubus Quest Item ( on of the both ), decreases Armor instead of Armot.
# Treant Quest Item: Soft Wodden Bundle got wrong Tooltip Text ( semmed like the Eye of the Dark Fiend )
# Carrion Swarm: after X seconds or when killed
# Thorium Axe: still missing tooltip ( drop on: NULL )

# Dreadlord Skill: Dark Juggernaut, doesn't need Nigthmare as Requirement ( but is listened ) as the text says.
# Dreadlord Skill: the first one ( at position 0:0) is the same as above ( wrong Requirement )
# not sure, but when choosing to kill the elders, some human building still stands after reporting back
# Outpost is not full build when completing the Tower Defence part
# Hero is hidden in the TD Part, the Worker seemed to get passiv ability boni. ( like +25 armor )
# wirt's right still not sellable
# skeletons are weaker than an zomby but giving more EXP?
# when chased by an boss ( elemental in the cave ) and died or exited the cave, it went back, but not to the waterfall but to Joel!

# Artifact ( fused from Eye of the Dark Fiend and X ), when carried by the Dark Fiend itself, way to hard to get an ability ( at target unit/area) to be used. maybe adding a cooldown of 2s.
# orb of fire with the artifact ( above ) is a huge combo, maybe a bit too good. moreover -3HP per second is a bit to low. for 500G u get an item giving +3HP per second, maybe letting it burn 1Mana per second or reduces armor a bit.
# adding a way to get faster back to the house in the first area, maybe letting the elder shaman near the broken bridge stay, giving him the ability to portal your hero back to town for 200G. ( or even givin him some rare items to sell )
# a bit more plausible actions after killing the captain. come on, a mercenary killing a captain and obtaining some scroll and the king just believes the whole story? maybe adding a fight agains 2 captains in the area behind the throne, with the dialog chance to kill them off ( thus: alliance ) or not ( thus: order ).
# when choosen the alliance, maybe replacing the shops? moreover the quest giving people ( for the cave ) are being ignored by the alliance? ^^
# when choosen the alliance and already entered the city of death ( succubus area ), the dreadlord ( quest unit / captain ) tells you to go to kahl.
# still no book items and belt items ( or not found ).
# drop rate for dreadlord is kinda bad, or did i just happened to have bad luck for 20min? leveled up to lvl 8 with the dreadlord on the skeletons ( graveyard ). only 1 out of 15 drops were useful ( 1 ut of 5 were potions ). got the boots finally after lvl 7. xD
# killinge the Bandits Quest still too easy, one fast knight ( attackrate boni ) killed them all with a sharpshooter ( magic resisitant boni ) alone. :/

Lion said...

wow so many things, let me explain bit by bit ya:

Typos: Next version will be fixed, I've already corrected it here.

- The dreadlord was actually a typo, fixing here.
- Outpost animation fix
- wirt's right are sellable now
- i though skel and zombie giving the same exp? (they are both lvl 1)

- Dark fiend are meant to be killed by multiple hero but not single mode, take it as a plus for multiplayer, boo for single mode
- orb of fire are meant to be useful early game :) to help player getting exp faster, maybe i'll change to -4 hp instead
- i just added a scroll of town portal, testing its code now
- there is a goblin shop in middle land, sells belt there.
- books are kept for future development to enhance the spell of a certain character eg: book of necromancy -> necromancer's summon deals double damage now.
- an extra tower at bandit camp. Bandit camp does seems difficult for first time player :)

Saiyuki said...

ok, the exp of the skeletons were ok. this time i tried the necromancer. with him, orb of fire seemed enormous powerful. :/

didn't check for typos and didn't found any ( new ) by chance.

# Killed the last building in the fight between ud and hu/orc camp with an orc minor (lvl 7 or so) and then it happened to double the whole TD part ( second timer, one more lvl 1 lich, invulnerable ) . still possible to fight and win, but he wouldn't be removed. the gameplay later went back to normal.
# the tent is missing ( won't spawn ) on the 2nd area ( after killing bandits )
# the respawn of the dragon camp ( nest ) is marked as enemy building. not that good looking on the minimap.
# the big tree (lvl 12?) didn't respawn even after 3 minutes.
# maybe it's an ability, but the water ( boss ) elemental could freeze me even with the item, which should prevent it.
# respawning of undead skeletons and zombies in the graveyard would do an earthquake effect on ground ( played with necromancer, do not remeber seen it with other hero )

# Main Alliance and Sub Alliance: Does something happens in here? were ( like it has always been ) the same text for the whole gameplay.
# Drop Rate of Items at Graveyard were beyond good. With lvl 4 i got the whole inventory full, lvl 7 again. so i had (too) much gold.
# The Level 8 Orc Minion didn't even stand a chance to last 8 seconds in the succubus area, with help of the Necromancer about 30 seconds.
# The Necromancer is so far ( need to check the tauran too ) the most difficult hero to get an good skilltree. ( lvl 22 hero, orc minion 8, ulti lvl 4, rest about lvl 3 or 4 and still only the first two lines in skill tree an maximum lvl 2 skills there )
it was much easier to get a good one with the mistress and the dreadlord so far.
# when the lich himself attacks (TD) let him wait about 2 more seconds. it's a rush to get a non-range hero to a get position. ( moreover if there are more then one player )
# in the battle between the two parties, add a bit better view on the mountains. couldn't attack them, cause i couldn't see/detect them, and then if they were, their number was about 9. not unbeatable but annoying. :/