Sunday, November 9, 2008

An e-mail

I just received this e-mail from one of the Warcraft fans that played one of the map I've made, here's how it sounds like:


Hey, just some comments on the game that u have created. Firstly, its great! There is an awesome, engaging storyline that is my prime motivation in playing this game. i like particularly how u can choose different alliances to side with depending on your choice, so there is really a need to play the game more than once! Secondly, the map layout is beautiful; i see tremendous effort in your part in setting the locations of creep camps, shops and among other. One place i like to note is the palace where u decorated the place that really worthy of royalty. Thirdly, this is the first and perhaps only WC3 custom map that has cut scenes. I appreciate the effort; keep it up!

Just some quick suggestions:?
1) Is it possible to install some sort of saving program? i know the game is in the beta stage, but it would be great if I need not have to play for several hours straight to complete the game( including boss fights) since every time i try to load with the in-built WC3 save, it crashes.
2)?Instead of focusing on adding new heroes and items, perhaps it would be better that u focus on plot development. It is really the story that intrigues me and spices up the gameplay?

Quick notes: Would u like me to include language mistakes in my comments? i hesitated to do so because it is not really the primary concern and it may make me seem bossy. If u like, then I can do it. Also, there screen hangs every time I kill the captain to progress to the?emissary?mission; I have to wait for couple of minutes before i regain control of my character after the cut scene. (Character : The mistress, single player, red)

Thanks, I hope the next version would include more bits of the story( perhaps a way to join the Scourge?) and a new save mechanism if possible. Anyways, go go; this is one of the best RPG maps I have seen! I believe it can go far. Do reply!


Firstly, thank you so much! Yes since my holiday is around the corner I'm pretty into development of the map once again.

About the savings - Yeah the savings was a headache for myself too because there is too many internal data and systems that required to change if a saving is done. The saving system are on halt until I've finish the plots, sorry to tell but I do prefer the plots to be finished first.

About the spelling errors - Sure thing! Later I'll drop a post about Unholy Alliance V into this blog, you can put all the comments onto that post :)

I'll look forward for getting more feedbacks from you, positive or negative wise, thank you!

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