Saturday, November 29, 2008

Guide: Unholy Alliance V

Project status: In Deployment
Current version: Beta0.29b
Game genre: RPG

Download: Link 1, Link 2


Beginner's Guide:
If your new to this Map and wanna check out some easy ways to go, here is a quick introduction, favored skill tree of the 4 different heroes and a quick walkthrough.

Question: About 3 Minutes to pick, but what are the stats?
Answer: It's not much, but a little Introduction on the 4 Heroes.

- Dreadlord:Melee FighterSTR based
- Mistress:Melee FighterAGI based
- Necromancer:Range FighterINT based
- Warlord:Melee FighterSTR based

Question: So, now what is the difficulty between them, is there even any? If I'm starting the map the first time, which hero should i pick?
Answer: To make things easy, i put out an order and a quick info why.

(Very Easy)
Most Skills are effectively dealing damage. Moreover a great Hero with lots of hit points and life reg.Tanker
Some easy to use Skills with good damage and chance of poisoning (if skilled). One quick for attacking and retreating.Assasin
Aimed Skills needs a bit of accuracy but still quite easy to use, all-round hero with good speed, hp, mana and reg.Paladin
Range Unit, complicated Skilltree, damage of skills needs some good accuracy and timing.Supporter/ Mage

Question: What the!? Only 4 slots? Are you crazy?!
Answer: Did you already check the other 2 Slots? It's a great inventory system which includes many equipment slots and 20 inventory slots! Still some help needed? Here a quick Review:
  • Drag and Drop your equipment items (e.g. Weapon) on the left item.
  • Drag and Drop your inventory items (e.g. Potion) on the right item.
  • Drag and Drop items on one another, that's how you try to combine them!
  • When picking up a potion, which you already have in your inventory, the potion charges will stack automatically!
**Note that quest Items will automatically be removed when completing the quest.
What's more to say? Heck, it's really an easy and comfortable one.

Question: There are way too many Skills on the skill tree and items. Which one should i pick?
Answer: Well, leaving the items out here, take a look on my personal preferred skill tree for each Hero until level 20.

- Warlord:Blood Ritual + Leap of Faith + War Stomp
- Mistress:Fan of Knives + Enchant Poison + Death Trap ( twice )
- Dreadlord:Carrion Swarm + Blind Swipes + Life and Death
- Necromancer:Dark Blessing + Summon Minion + Cripple

Question: I've got an hang of all the stuff, but still dying when trying to defeat the Bandits on level 3!! What to do?
Answer: Don't be so fast, try relaxing a bit at first. To survive each area easily, I've thought of a little walkthrough.

(1) Graveyard:
# reach level 5, then either one of both
- reach level 7, or
- full backspace ( all 16 slots )

(2) Cave:
# battle trolls to get at least 1 healing wood
# reach level 8 or level 9

(3) Middleland: ( Center )
# level 9 recommend
# reach level 10 or 11

(4) Defeat Party: ( Order or Forsaken )
# Party is taken down by killing all heroes and destroying the main base building
# reach level 11 or more

(5) Cave of Koilos: ( after TD Part )
# reach level 13 or 14

(6) Cave:
# kill Ice Elemental

(7) Cave of Koilos:
# reach level 15 or 16
# kill Dark Fiend

(8) Middle Land: ( North )
# reach level 18 or higher

(9) Dark Champer:
# win up to version 0.29b =)

Guide Credit: Saiyuki


Anonymous said...

Nice map. Although having some quest xp bug regarding the Mushroom Quest with Joel.

Anonymous said...

Wicked map, finish it then it be better, btw add more heroes :)

Cool said...

There's still a bug with the tower defense - you put towers as close as you can to the area where the creeps turn right, and then after the round is over, the timer stays at 0 and nothing spawns. Great map overall, I really enjoyed it, although I feel there could be hints on the items to combine + more heros to play. That would make it very enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Ai sou do Brasil por favor termine o mapa foi o melhor mapa que eu ja joguei bem melhor que aquele DotA
eu sei que ja tem um tempĆ£o ja mas continue o mapa valeu