Saturday, January 23, 2010

Update: Final Alliance v0.40

Project status: In Deployment
Current version: Beta0.40
Game genre: RPG
Download: Link 1, Link 2

Just made a fan page for this map in Facebook, remember to add as fan and introduce your friends! Good things are meant to be shared, isn't it? :)

As you can see, the world map get a little bigger this time, yeah further quest after the defeat of the Revenants are introduced, at later stage it would require more teamworks, bad news for those who liked to solo in the game, you'll get a pain in the ass xD~

**Click to enlarge the image.

Anyone are free and willing to get a wallpaper or something for this map? Hehehe...

  • New Hero, Angelica the Rogue Priestess.
    Starfall - Deals great ammount of damage to units nearby, each falling star have poor accuracy, but can be improved with the passives. A direct hit deals maximum damage.
    Blinding Shot - Tpyical hit-and-run for this hero, Angelica can solo single high level creep without much trouble.
    Rejuvenation - Regenerates life based on your current life. With more life you have, you regenerates faster.
    Bear Companion - A powerful summon with many defensive skills, could lead to immortal tanker with proper item such as spell books.
    Forbidden Strength - Greatly boosts the Hero's agility and intelligence, at the cost of reducing damage that you gained from agility (means you gain pure agility with no damage bonus). Great combination with Blinding Shot and certain item that grants bonus damage based on your current agility.

  • Introduced set items:
    The Noble Call - A very low level set item for early game fighting, grants good ammount of early defense.
    The Treasure Hunter - A mid-low level set item, getting this set grants you better chance in getting items from creep and also more gold from the coins.

  • Further quest after the defeat of the Revenants.
  • New map, Wraithbane - Originally named SunWill Village, but was totally in ruin after the demon invasion, now this ground holds nothing but walking corpses and evil beings.

  • Removed Town Portal cooldown.
  • Town Portal now function in 2 ways:
    Single left click - Summon a portal and teleports immediately.
    Double right click - Summon a portal and required manual right click to teleport.

  • Life paying (50% of current life) for casting Hell's Call is properly implemented.
  • Some attempt to fix the creep stucked at circle of power, please do tell me if they still stucks at the entrances.
  • Readjusted dropping level of items (some items drop on lower level creeps, and some item for higher level creeps).
  • Buffed Revenant Boss with higher hit points and damage (again).
  • Increased intervals that base sending creeps to attack the Revenant Boss.

  • Show damage resized to a smaller font size.
  • Show damage lasts 0.5 seconds longer.