Sunday, November 9, 2008

Unholy Alliance V

Project status: In Deployment
Current version: Beta0.25
Game genre: RPG
Download : Here

It is here again, unlike other project such as DotA or Elimination Tournament, Unholy Alliance V is an one-man-project. So it takes lots of time to move from stage to stage, hope you all can forgive the delay, I'm trying my best to give the best out of my best!

After Arthas became the Lich King reborn, the world broke up into few distinct power, forming Alliance for survival. Among the most powerful are the Scourge (Lich King), Forsaken (Sylvanas and Dark Elves), Orders (Human and Orc), and other minor races such as Ogre, Satyr, Demon, and Furbolg.

You begin the story as a mercenary in the Town of Absurtus, choosing your Main Alliance from the 3 above alliance, and gather other races and raze all the other alliance!

Features :
  • A RPG game combined with a little castle siege feature style gaming.
  • Each hero have 5 active spells, and 11 passive skills enchanted in a spell book, by learning the active spells you will gain bonus from the passive spells with different combination of spells. (That make up to a total of 16 spells)
  • Creep system - Totally randomized respawn system, different creep might spawn for the same creep camp, never think that "Oh this is a troll camp, I can easily handle this, and suddenly you shouted - OMG WTF A DEMON!" *sound of flesh flying around* and you get killed. Random special feature such as stone skin, extra strong, spell resistance, and extra fast might get enchanted to certain creep when spawned.
  • Multiquest system - You can finish off the game with different way you like, like helping the evil kill the goods, helping the good kill the evils, or simply just whack up both party, it is all in your hand!
  • Advanced inventory system - Each hero are allowed to carry up to 4 main page item, 16 backpack items, and also 20 equipment slots, which make up to a total of 40 item slots for each hero.
  • Advance Potion system - Potions triggered, they will heal based on the hero's stat, e.g: high strength hero may gain more life from using health potion, while high int hero may gain more mana. All the potions stacks!
  • Drag and Drop combination system - We are getting bored with recipe system in many games, so something new have to come out, and here's one, you drag and drop one item into another, crafting new items, with some luck you might get some unknown-item that was not listed in the recipe list!


Loading screen

Ready for some boss-level monster?

Join the fierce battle between the Orders and the Forsakens!

Cool cinematics along the story.

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