Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sneak Peek: Unholy Alliance V

Project status: In Deployment
Current version: Beta0.29b
Game genre: RPG

Download: Link 1, Link 2


Sneak Peek:
Alright here's what I'm currently working on, there are still some time until completion on what's in my mind, so I decided to release some sneak peek screenshot here!

Newly added introduction cinematic, this will cut some time on listening the background story over and over again.

Scourge forces unrevealed! Are you ready for the undead abomination that coming in your way?

The Naga and Blood Elves base encampment, will you join force with them against the might of the Scourge?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Guide: Unholy Alliance V

Project status: In Deployment
Current version: Beta0.29b
Game genre: RPG

Download: Link 1, Link 2


Beginner's Guide:
If your new to this Map and wanna check out some easy ways to go, here is a quick introduction, favored skill tree of the 4 different heroes and a quick walkthrough.

Question: About 3 Minutes to pick, but what are the stats?
Answer: It's not much, but a little Introduction on the 4 Heroes.

- Dreadlord:Melee FighterSTR based
- Mistress:Melee FighterAGI based
- Necromancer:Range FighterINT based
- Warlord:Melee FighterSTR based

Question: So, now what is the difficulty between them, is there even any? If I'm starting the map the first time, which hero should i pick?
Answer: To make things easy, i put out an order and a quick info why.

(Very Easy)
Most Skills are effectively dealing damage. Moreover a great Hero with lots of hit points and life reg.Tanker
Some easy to use Skills with good damage and chance of poisoning (if skilled). One quick for attacking and retreating.Assasin
Aimed Skills needs a bit of accuracy but still quite easy to use, all-round hero with good speed, hp, mana and reg.Paladin
Range Unit, complicated Skilltree, damage of skills needs some good accuracy and timing.Supporter/ Mage

Question: What the!? Only 4 slots? Are you crazy?!
Answer: Did you already check the other 2 Slots? It's a great inventory system which includes many equipment slots and 20 inventory slots! Still some help needed? Here a quick Review:
  • Drag and Drop your equipment items (e.g. Weapon) on the left item.
  • Drag and Drop your inventory items (e.g. Potion) on the right item.
  • Drag and Drop items on one another, that's how you try to combine them!
  • When picking up a potion, which you already have in your inventory, the potion charges will stack automatically!
**Note that quest Items will automatically be removed when completing the quest.
What's more to say? Heck, it's really an easy and comfortable one.

Question: There are way too many Skills on the skill tree and items. Which one should i pick?
Answer: Well, leaving the items out here, take a look on my personal preferred skill tree for each Hero until level 20.

- Warlord:Blood Ritual + Leap of Faith + War Stomp
- Mistress:Fan of Knives + Enchant Poison + Death Trap ( twice )
- Dreadlord:Carrion Swarm + Blind Swipes + Life and Death
- Necromancer:Dark Blessing + Summon Minion + Cripple

Question: I've got an hang of all the stuff, but still dying when trying to defeat the Bandits on level 3!! What to do?
Answer: Don't be so fast, try relaxing a bit at first. To survive each area easily, I've thought of a little walkthrough.

(1) Graveyard:
# reach level 5, then either one of both
- reach level 7, or
- full backspace ( all 16 slots )

(2) Cave:
# battle trolls to get at least 1 healing wood
# reach level 8 or level 9

(3) Middleland: ( Center )
# level 9 recommend
# reach level 10 or 11

(4) Defeat Party: ( Order or Forsaken )
# Party is taken down by killing all heroes and destroying the main base building
# reach level 11 or more

(5) Cave of Koilos: ( after TD Part )
# reach level 13 or 14

(6) Cave:
# kill Ice Elemental

(7) Cave of Koilos:
# reach level 15 or 16
# kill Dark Fiend

(8) Middle Land: ( North )
# reach level 18 or higher

(9) Dark Champer:
# win up to version 0.29b =)

Guide Credit: Saiyuki

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Update: Unholy Alliance V

Project status: In Deployment
Current version: Beta0.29b
Game genre: RPG

Download: Link 1, Link 2

I'll say this is one of the most stable version compared to the previous versions. Though there are still some rare bugs that happens around, I'm trying my best to fix that up. Enjoy gaming!

  • Fixed (hopefully) a possible bug that occur during tower defense mode.
  • Reworked terrain on the Icy Cave, to fix the problem of "floating" AoE circle for Necromancer and Mistress.
  • Fixed potion sold at goblin shop that unable to stack when inventory full.
  • Fixed potion reward from James that unable to stack when inventory full.
  • Fixed a couple of typo in Tauren's skill tree. (Thanks Saiyuki)
  • Reworked Mistress's Death Trap, which makes it more deadly!
  • Improved potion stacking, you can now stack potions even with full inventory!
  • Finally, the long awaited Scroll of Town Portal! Teleports the hero back into the town for buying items and such.
  • 2 new high level item at areas after defeating the tower defense.
  • An extra tower at bandit camp outside Town of Absurtus.
  • Tauren's ultimate deals less damage to heroes now.
  • Orb of Fire now gives -5 life regeneration instead of -3.
  • Internal code stabilization.
  • Fixed a strange bug with doubling units during tower defense cinematic. (Thanks Saiyuki)
  • Fixed hell lots of typo. (Thanks Saiyuki)
  • My personal thanks to Saiyuki for helping me out in all the beta testing!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Update: Unholy Alliance V

Project status: In Deployment
Current version: Beta0.28
Game genre: RPG

Download: Here

  • Slightly reworked on Death Traps, each trap now detonates only one trap, so they can get chained up more easily and deals more damage with the damage transfer.
  • Added a Orb of Fire. (Try it!)
  • Fixed tower defense bug, should be working fine now.
  • Fixed typos. (Thanks Anopob)
  • Auto-select the Hero Spirit when hero died. (Thanks Anopob)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Update: Unholy Alliance V

Project status: In Deployment
Current version: Beta0.27d
Game genre: RPG

Download: Here

  • Mistress remake (try her!)
  • Frost attacks now have a chance to freeze the attacked enemy entirely.
  • Added some item that prevents hero from being frozen entirely.
  • Changed revive mechanism, gold loss now depends on hero's level.
  • Some tweaks in the tower's ability in tower defense to reduce lag.
  • Fixed a very very terrible bug during the town attacks.
  • Massive internal coding improvements, Caster System are abandoned and replaced the spell casting with XE Systems.
  • 0.27d to fix the fatal error during loading, it is working now!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Unholy Alliance V

Project status: In Deployment
Current version: Beta0.25
Game genre: RPG
Download : Here

It is here again, unlike other project such as DotA or Elimination Tournament, Unholy Alliance V is an one-man-project. So it takes lots of time to move from stage to stage, hope you all can forgive the delay, I'm trying my best to give the best out of my best!

After Arthas became the Lich King reborn, the world broke up into few distinct power, forming Alliance for survival. Among the most powerful are the Scourge (Lich King), Forsaken (Sylvanas and Dark Elves), Orders (Human and Orc), and other minor races such as Ogre, Satyr, Demon, and Furbolg.

You begin the story as a mercenary in the Town of Absurtus, choosing your Main Alliance from the 3 above alliance, and gather other races and raze all the other alliance!

Features :
  • A RPG game combined with a little castle siege feature style gaming.
  • Each hero have 5 active spells, and 11 passive skills enchanted in a spell book, by learning the active spells you will gain bonus from the passive spells with different combination of spells. (That make up to a total of 16 spells)
  • Creep system - Totally randomized respawn system, different creep might spawn for the same creep camp, never think that "Oh this is a troll camp, I can easily handle this, and suddenly you shouted - OMG WTF A DEMON!" *sound of flesh flying around* and you get killed. Random special feature such as stone skin, extra strong, spell resistance, and extra fast might get enchanted to certain creep when spawned.
  • Multiquest system - You can finish off the game with different way you like, like helping the evil kill the goods, helping the good kill the evils, or simply just whack up both party, it is all in your hand!
  • Advanced inventory system - Each hero are allowed to carry up to 4 main page item, 16 backpack items, and also 20 equipment slots, which make up to a total of 40 item slots for each hero.
  • Advance Potion system - Potions triggered, they will heal based on the hero's stat, e.g: high strength hero may gain more life from using health potion, while high int hero may gain more mana. All the potions stacks!
  • Drag and Drop combination system - We are getting bored with recipe system in many games, so something new have to come out, and here's one, you drag and drop one item into another, crafting new items, with some luck you might get some unknown-item that was not listed in the recipe list!


Loading screen

Ready for some boss-level monster?

Join the fierce battle between the Orders and the Forsakens!

Cool cinematics along the story.

An e-mail

I just received this e-mail from one of the Warcraft fans that played one of the map I've made, here's how it sounds like:


Hey, just some comments on the game that u have created. Firstly, its great! There is an awesome, engaging storyline that is my prime motivation in playing this game. i like particularly how u can choose different alliances to side with depending on your choice, so there is really a need to play the game more than once! Secondly, the map layout is beautiful; i see tremendous effort in your part in setting the locations of creep camps, shops and among other. One place i like to note is the palace where u decorated the place that really worthy of royalty. Thirdly, this is the first and perhaps only WC3 custom map that has cut scenes. I appreciate the effort; keep it up!

Just some quick suggestions:?
1) Is it possible to install some sort of saving program? i know the game is in the beta stage, but it would be great if I need not have to play for several hours straight to complete the game( including boss fights) since every time i try to load with the in-built WC3 save, it crashes.
2)?Instead of focusing on adding new heroes and items, perhaps it would be better that u focus on plot development. It is really the story that intrigues me and spices up the gameplay?

Quick notes: Would u like me to include language mistakes in my comments? i hesitated to do so because it is not really the primary concern and it may make me seem bossy. If u like, then I can do it. Also, there screen hangs every time I kill the captain to progress to the?emissary?mission; I have to wait for couple of minutes before i regain control of my character after the cut scene. (Character : The mistress, single player, red)

Thanks, I hope the next version would include more bits of the story( perhaps a way to join the Scourge?) and a new save mechanism if possible. Anyways, go go; this is one of the best RPG maps I have seen! I believe it can go far. Do reply!


Firstly, thank you so much! Yes since my holiday is around the corner I'm pretty into development of the map once again.

About the savings - Yeah the savings was a headache for myself too because there is too many internal data and systems that required to change if a saving is done. The saving system are on halt until I've finish the plots, sorry to tell but I do prefer the plots to be finished first.

About the spelling errors - Sure thing! Later I'll drop a post about Unholy Alliance V into this blog, you can put all the comments onto that post :)

I'll look forward for getting more feedbacks from you, positive or negative wise, thank you!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Citadel Guardian

Project status: Completed
Game genre: Tower Defense
Download : Here

I love tower defense, and had made some tower defense map back in the past. However this one are among the one that I'm satisfy with the overall gameplay. Worth trying!

As it said, tower defense - you build towers and defend your base. Each towers can be upgraded with various upgrades.


Start building your defenses!

Summon a hero to aid in your defense.

Combine elemental towers and physical towers to do maximum output damage!

Ready to take the challenge?

Unholy Alliance III

Project status: Dropped
Game genre: Team AoS
Download: Here

One of my early project back in 2005-2006. Reason of dropping this project is because I found that the map is sooo Dota-ish. The map is enchanted with some AI on the enemy's heroes. Not to say that this is not worth playing, just that I have better idea on moving into more advanced coding with WarCraft scripts - with the creating of Unholy Alliance IV.

Pick a hero at the beginning, defend your base and advance into enemy base. Destroy the enemy Stronghold to win. Combine different items to create stronger and more powerful items!

Picking a hero to join the battle!

Fierce battle between both sides.

Each lane are covered with different types of creeps!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Warcraft Lion

As the title said, I'm a Warcraft III map developer and this is the place where I'll share all the latest map I've made.