Sunday, July 5, 2009

Update: Unholy Alliance V

Project status: In Deployment
Current version: Beta0.32
Game genre: RPG
Download: Link 1, Link 2

I consider this as a minor update, to test up the set items and runes. Once they are tested to be stable enough then we shall meet more set items with complex mechanism coming!

  • New field of items, set items. So far only one set, Tal Rasha's Wrappings, and they are very high level, only available on creeps above level 20.
  • Added a couple of new items, try your luck in game to get them!
  • New dungeon, located at the last map, very difficult creeps, very high level, don't dream of solo them! In return, they drop the powerful Tal Rasha's set items.
  • New dungeon offers a new mini boss inside, dare to take the challange? So far he is one of the strongest boss around.
  • Slight advancement of the quest, you'll now need to kill the summoner in the middle of last map.
  • Minor tweaks around the skills of the heroes, balancing purpose.


kele said...

great map,im want more!!)

Aion said...

There is a bug, when one of your team mates do the Captain's quest, The Bandit Lord, before the others finish the Skeleton's quest, the person is unable to step out of town, the guards will say that that character is too low level.

Anonymous said...

when the save/load system will be ready?

Lion said...

Aion: omg, thanks for updating, I'll fix that up asap!

bout save and load... truely a long way... can't guranteed when will it be done...

Anonymous said...

this is the best ORPG i've ever play,

BUT, i hope the save/load system be done QUICKLY XD

Saiyuki said...

as far as now, i can't think of a reason for a save/load implementation into UAV. Doing this would only result in "load only" games, or playing with an ultra hero against an amateur or just a beginner.
i would say it would cause more problems ( atm ) than it would really help.

Lion said...

Anyway, if I were to implement a save/load system, I'll most probably make some point system, where these points can be used to get some exclusive items in the early/middle/late game

Or making some exclusive quest with requirements of xxx point in order to proceed.

How's the idea? You still start at level 1, but you can get some exclusive items for playing more in the game, well these item might not necessary strong or imba, could be some special eye candy that looks really nice.