Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Update: Unholy Alliance V

Project status: In Deployment
Current version: Beta0.31
Game genre: RPG
Download: Link 1, Link 2

This version is mainly focus on bug fixing on the Tower Defense and the new hero, the quest are still the same up to Beta0.30b. Feel free to give suggestion on the coming version :) that I should focus more on optional quest? new item? more new hero?
Anyway, enjoy!

  • New hero, the Witch Hunter.
  • Quest items and quest rewards are directly added into the inventory (instead of dropping on ground on previous versions).
  • The hero now facing quest unit when talking to them (eye candy).
  • Fixing the tower defense coding for the n-th time.


Anonymous said...

thank for new vershion!!!
Fight Fight Fight

I Luv this map

Lion said...

thanks for support ^^v

Phang said...

Alchemist model should be complete 1st.
A Passive Skill : That will send wave according to the Alchemist animation (Chemical Rage Model), Example: Attack while using 1 hand, then the Alchemist model will send out a wave (A model that suit for sword) while 2 hand attacking animation, then send out 2 wave. [Important: Make sure the Angle of the wave going must suit with the attacking direction's angle, also while the attacking is from top slash till bottom if can you make a slash that look likes a slash from top to bottom, this will increase the game graphic.] Right now I have this kind of Idea. The other I will try thinking of it ASAP.

Lion said...

sounds good, but the programming of it going to be hard...

further more now I'm more concentrate on finishing the quest and the new dungeon =\

new hero gota wait for a while lol~

Enthusiast said...

Heh, tower defense portion still buggy. Had some "double release bug" whereby 2 of everything spwned and later got stuck @ wave 1.

Anonymous said...

please, make the hero save/load system, as in other rpg maps. default wc3 loadgame doesn't load save game. wait for)))