Thursday, December 10, 2009

Final Alliance

Project status: In Deployment
Current version: Alpha0.10
Game genre: RPG
Download: Link 1, Link 2

Yes, I know dropping UAV wasn't a good idea.

Blame that to blizzard, for releasing 1.24 patch that make most of the custom maps unplayable. But I don't wish to make an UAVI either, so I named this map Final Alliance instead. The word Final would actually indicate this is my last project on Warcraft III before moving to Starraft II mapping enviroment.

Enough saying, enjoy the game!

Anyone are free and willing to get a wallpaper or something for this map? Hehehe...

  • A RPG game combined with a little castle siege feature style gaming.
  • Save (-save) and load (-load) allows you to save your game experience and bring them into next game, with more game experience, more powerful items will be unlocked at your command!
  • Each hero have 5 active spells, and 11 passive skills enchanted in a spell book, by learning the active spells you will gain bonus from the passive spells with different combination of spells. (That make up to a total of 16 spells)
  • Creep system - Totally randomized respawn system, different creep might spawn for the same creep camp, never think that "Oh this is a troll camp, I can easily handle this, and suddenly you shouted - OMG WTF A DEMON!" *sound of flesh flying around* and you get killed.
  • Random special feature such as stone skin, extra strong, spell resistance, and extra fast might get enchanted to certain creep when spawned.
  • Multiquest system - You can finish off the game with various way, like helping the evil kill the goods, helping the good kill the evils, or simply just whack up both party, it is all in your hand!
  • Advanced inventory system - Each hero are allowed to carry up to 4 main page item, 16 backpack items, and also 20 equipment slots, which make up to a total of 40 item slots for each hero.
  • Advance Potion system - Potions triggered, they will heal based on the hero's stat, e.g: Strength hero may gain more life from using health potion, while high Intelligence hero may gain more mana. All the potions stacks!
  • Drag and Drop combination system - We are getting bored with recipe system in many games, so something new have to come out, and here's one, you drag and drop one item into another, crafting new items, with some luck you might get some unknown-item that was not listed in the recipe list!


Saiyuki said...

first try:
so far so good. still lacks much of the previous things, but these will surely come. couldn't kill the boss though. ^^
( soloing )

- easy and fast get'n'go
- hard to differ hero with normal units in selection at beginning
- unnecessary huge unused area after leaving starting point
- experience points.. for?

- ultimate needs some major nerf ( how about dealing 3% of targeted max hp per second as damage? )
- share vision with allianced players
- maybe hiding the 'shortcut' with some doodads?
- murgul have some creeps nearby but murlocs not? ( or the other way round ^^ )

- questlog: Final Alliance: "...if this is Unholy Alliance V..."
- creeps spawned even after the fall of their responsive buildings
- cinematic caused many troops to attack some unknown point in the map ( all stucked at border )
- fenzy casted on hero ( if it's not a standard skill of the allianced troops )

Lion said...

- experience points for unlocking more powerful item, look at the orbs that sold in the house (near the npc at top left)

- the ultimate was intended this way, to deal great damage and fast lvl at early game, and creep control at late game (which is coming)
- alliance was not sharing also intended
- whats the creep nearby thingy? O_o

- creep spawning after fall of buildind was intended too, the place turned into a neutral spawn area after the bulding gone (instead of leaving it empty)
- bout the frenzy, you mean the last boss?

Saiyuki said...

ok, if it's all intended, then it's rlly a fast paced game.
- how about enabling a fog of war to the whole allianced base and putting some watch towers ( no attack, ilvulnerable, shared sight with players ) to each entrance of the base to give at least some kind of help for players to get how far the base lasts?
- fenzy was casted by troops on the player heroes, too.
- i noticed the cost of the orbs, but forgot it the moment i posted it. atm, there are only few item upgrades and no shops at the allianced bases. even lower ones ( 3-4 items each ) could help out. a portal scroll is missing, too.
- in the cave at the bottom the upper left base, there is an area with some creeps. if your allianced yourself with the upper base, then your able to go creeping even before you rush against the other base. the other way round, you're only able to do so after the fall of the base.